Legal Defense Insurance

Exclusively for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities in Florida

Four Pillars

Your four pillars of protection

General Liability Insurance to protect your facility against Medical Malpractice claims.

Professional Liability protects your medical practitioners and nurses against Malpractice claims.

Legal Defense Insurance ensures you have a professional legal team, protecting your reputation.

Third Party Administrator gives you professional record keeping, for successful defense.

Legal defense coverage is essential

The ongoing pandemic is expected to trigger an increase in medical malpractice claims.

Observers say senior living and senior health care facilities will be the biggest target of these claims.

These claims are driven by…

  • Residents being exposed to the virus as a result of confusion in protocols and changing guidance from medical and regulatory authorities.
  • COVID protocols distracting health care providers, causing delays in diagnosis or treatment.

You have not seen these claims yet.

In response to the pandemic, many courts have limited proceedings to only the most essential and urgent matters.

However, most jurisdictions are now beginning to resume many normal operations.

Is your facility prepared?

According to the 2020 Medical Malpractice Annual Report, the average defense cost for an indemnity claim in 2020 was $67,618.

Beware of predatory plaintiffs

There are Florida based law firms who in their own words, “have a proven track record of holding nursing homes and other elder care facilities accountable for abuse and neglect.”

These law firms in some cases have been able to get their clients awards of $100 million for a single indemnity claim. 

What would be the consequence of a multi-million dollar indemnity award against your facility?

If you engage an inexperienced or ineffective law firm to save money, you could find yourself with a multi-million dollar judgment against you.

This will result in your premiums increasing or insurance being denied.

Worse still, the predatory firm will see you as easy prey and they will keep coming.

Is your facility really prepared?

Many facilities in Florida have been covering legal costs to defend liability claims from their cash flow.
However, in the current climate of uncertainty, those legal fees will rise to the point where they are unaffordable.

 Don’t risk financial ruin.

Act now and ensure your facility is protected

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